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We offer tuition for all Cambridge University admissions tests

Arts-Humanities Admissions Assessment (AHAA)

Cambridge Test of Mathematics (CTMUA)

English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT)

Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP)

Engineering Admissions Assessment (ENGAA)

Economics Admissions Assessment (ECAA)

Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment (NSAA)

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Admissions Assessment (PBSAA)

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admissions test tuition

admissions test tuition

We offer a fully flexible and transparent tuition package, charged per hour of tuition.

We start with an initial consultation with parents and students to determine the requirements of the applicant.

We then match the student with one of our tutors, each of whom has been selected to join our team after being interviewed and trained by us.

Flexible Online Tuition

Most of our tutors are based in Oxford and Cambridge, so by carrying out tuition online it means that geography isn’t a limitation. We can therefore provide the highest possible level of tuition, regardless of location. 

Through the use of dedicated tutoring platforms and virtual whiteboards, the standard of tuition provided online evens excels in-person tuition. Sessions can be recorded for future reference, and a complete record of all the work taken place can been preserved. 

our cambridge tutors

Our tutors are all current students or graduates of Cambridge University.

They are deeply familiar with the admissions tests, having both prepared students for the exams as well as previously sitting it themselves.

They have a background in teaching and private tuition.

They go through a rigorous selection process and are trained to join our team.

Tutor Spotlight


Subject: Physics

Education: MSci Natural Sciences Cambridge, PhD Physics Cambridge

Background: Adrian is a PhD student in physics at Cambridge University, having previously completed his undergraduate degree in physical natural sciences, also at Cambridge. He provides undergraduate tutorials in physics and has been coaching students for Oxford and Cambridge interviews for the past two years.

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